Unlike many other school photographers, these photos matter to us. We are not there just to get the job done, we are there to capture the best quality images of the students; images that they love of themselves and will cherish for years to come.

School & Sport photos have been some of the most treasured images for generations. They are the photos we refer back to when reminiscing on the good times of the past, the photos you show your kids, and the photos that bring back some of your fondest memories! We love capturing many different personalities through our lenses. We are honored to play a part in bottling up these times in the students' lives into a photograph!

 We started this division of Adair Photography because we noticed a need for quality photography in our community. Our mission is to ensure that schools near us have access to high quality photography for their school, sport portraits and yearbooks! Also, while giving back to our community! With this mission and much prayerful thought, we hope that through partnership with your school, our studio can be a blessing and minister to the community with each child that we photograph. Our studio looks forward to working with you!

Amanda & Liz 

Amanda hale & Liz Gray

About Us

Before picture day, we supply all of the language for emails/or text reminders as well as digital links that can be distributed to families so that parents and students are prepared for this special day.

 The option for online ordering makes for easy, con tactless payment by credit card, and alleviates the worry of students losing an order form containing cash or personal information.

 Our School Liaison works with your office staff to get the information we need from your school well ahead of time, in order to make sure your picture day goes AMAZINGLY smoothly.

 You will see the same photographers year after year, which is unusual for school photography.

 Some of the elementary and middle schools we service have over 500 kids and we can still photograph them in 2 to 3 hours.

 Our studio staff is dedicated to taking care of any issues, when they arise, and making it right for your families, so that your school office staff does not have to. 

What we do